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Cutting Recovery
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This community is for people who cut, and are trying or are in the process of recovery. This community is NOT for people wanting to brag about how deep their cuts are, how many, how many scars they have, etc. Entries are moderated, if there are any found to have things like this you will get a chance to edit and post, or it will not be posted.

People complain all the time that they look for support, but all they can find is cutters who seem to be bragging about their cuts. There will be none of that here.

There are a few rules that will make things run a little more smoothly.

1) No triggering pictures or stories. If you have a story that you think may be questionable, write it. All posts are moderated, I will tell you if your story was too graphic, etc. You will get a chance to edit it, and please, do not post a story like that again. I think we all know what a triggering picture is. A picture of yourself or a funny cartoon, not triggering. A picture of scabs, scars, and cuts, VERY triggering.

2) This is not a place to brag. No one wants to hear about how you made twenty-six cuts into your arm last night. That doesn't help anyone, including yourself.

3) Tell us about WHY you are depressed, not that you are. If you are cutting, it is safe to say that you have problems. Tell us about them, believe it or not, it helps. People may have been in similiar situations before and can help you out.

4) Do not judge people! If you are against cutting, there is an anticutting community. People here want to recover and KNOW that they shouldn't be cutting. You do not have to tell them.

That's it! They should be fairly easy to follow I think.